Brady Farrar

MEET DANCE MOMS' NEWEST STAR Brady Farrar pulled out of the driveway of his North Carolina home, trying to hide his tears. “It was definitely really sad, like really sad”, remembers the now 12 year old. This military brat was moving again, but this farewell was different. Brady was not just saying goodbye to his... Continue Reading →

Madison Brown

From the old photo, Madison Brown grins brightly, her effervescent smile outlined in bright red lipstick. Next to her, in the identical bold shade, her grandmother, Ora. It was an epic day. Her beloved Ora had come in for the weekend to soak up her three grandchildren and she had a big afternoon planned for... Continue Reading →

Video of the Week

If cyberspace was a convention room... then you just got Called Out! Congratulations to our Video of the Week selection!

Cami Voorhees

Curesity Voorhees looked over at her new born baby and nearly screamed. It was 4 o'clock in the morning and the young mother was lying exhausted and delirious in her hospital bed. Perhaps she was not seeing clearly, but in the haze of darkness, medication and worry, she could have sworn that her beautiful baby... Continue Reading →

Judges’ Pick

Are you proud? Send us your big winner from the weekend! We would love to highlight the top scoring pieces from your favorite competition. Click the image above to see this week's big winner!


We are always searching for a dancer, teacher or choreographer who inspires others. Send us your story at

Sofia Gonzalez

Sofia Gonzalez stood on the darkened steps leading to the Nationals' stage, a mixture of nerves, fear and excitement. She had no concerns about the first 30 seconds of her teen solo.  She knew that perfectly. The problem was... this solo is two minutes long. That left one minute and 30 seconds of blank space... Continue Reading →

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